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Sharon is the Founding Director of CORDES ART STUDIOS. She began painting at the age of seven through encouragement from her grandmother and after her studies at OCA, focussed on teaching as well as exhibiting. She has taught Art to every grade level in the Durham Schools for over fifteen years and brings a wealth of experience and a world of excitement to everyone who passes through her doors. Her years of University Portfolio Preparation for students persuing a career in the Arts led her to creating an Art Retreat that is enjoyed by everyone of any age. She runs a variety of classes, hosts children's birthday parties and art camps, assists Teachers with fantastic cirriculum activities and offers corporate group seminars using art therapy to effectively relieve stress. She is a member of the Pine Ridge Arts Council, the Durham West Arts Council, Arts Forum and actively participates in Gallery Promotions throughout Ontario. Her inspiration has taken many an artist to unimaginable heights and in many wonderful places too! CORDES ART STUDIOS is based in Pickering, Ontario but takes the show on the road to some of the most beautiful places in the world four times every year. Whether you join us for a relaxing one-day workshop or a week-long venture, you are sure to come away feeling renewed, revitalized and forever touched by this soul essence of experience.

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