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Nezna is the Project Manager at CORDES ART STUDIOS. Her background in marketing, research and development has expanded the opportunities for growth and awareness of the Arts in Durham and beyond. Her incredible skills as an artist and teacher make her invaluable as an assistant in the Studio. Nezna organizes much of the out of country project content for museum and gallery excursions while touring and always manages to find the best painting locations on site! Her personal skills are surpassed only by her extreme dedication and understanding of how to bring out the best in people. Nezna is especially dedicated to fostering the educational and developmental aspects of Art for Children. The programs she has developed have been adopted in the studio both here and on the road. Once every year, during the summer, Nezna hosts a Children's Art Adventure for gifted young painters allowing them and a parent to become part of historical cultural events in North America and Europe. She brings alive the talent in everyone who comes to the studio to paint. Her joy is contageous and her professionalism shines. Corporate retreats are her speciality - and stress becomes a thing of the past when you have tutored with Nezna! Whether you're part of a birthday party for a group of young, eager "Monkeys" or an executive coming for a stress relieving afternoon, Nezna's degrees of awareness and understanding far surpass her extensive Post Graduate studies and experience in Human Psychology.

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