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You don't have to be a professional artist, you don't even have to know how to draw. I think Christina Grant, Ph.D, and author of "The Healing Power of Art" puts it best when she says..."You were born onto this earth filled with potential for creativity. Design, invent, paint, draw, color, write, sculpt, sand, weave, bake, tend a garden, plow a field. A number of you embrace this potential for creativity, recognize its power, and name yourself an artist. Some of you were forced into this role, surrendered to it, through your longing to bring forth that which sings, or aches, within you. For you, it is a necessary compulsion. For those who remain in the "I'm not an artist" category, listen closely. A human being's life force flows in the direction of creativity. It is your true nature whether you embrace it or not. Like the brook rolling gently into the river, then onward to the sea, your creativity flows in the direction of expansion. It matters not what you were told or even how you perceive your own creations. It matters that you create."

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